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Welcome to our new site, its currently in the development stage so please bear with us. We have the Jawas hard at work on it as I type this. For all our current products that are available please check out our Facebook or Ebay shop (At the time of writing we have over 20 items active). We will add these items to this page all in good time and add way more as we receive deliveries.   

We love Sci-Fi and fantasy products usually with a movie or series tie in. Especially the more unusual items. Everyone has seen the model figures of various characters etc, but we try to look for the more unique, such as home decorations, jewellery, gadgets and gizmos (Not the gremlin Gizmo type, although...).

Our items usually have a small practical or functional purpose as well as screaming cool. Because not all of us have the space to collect a hundred action figures for our favourite movie (although we would like to).

So if you are searching for something a bit different for the geek in your life give us a look. Remember to like us on Facebook to be aware of any competitions. 


Live long and prosper 



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