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H R Giger - The loss of a legend

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Hans Rudolf "Ruedi" Giger was a Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer. He sadly passed away on 12th May 2014 after a fall. 

His designs have been used in the cult film Dune, the erotic sci-fi thriller Species and the horror sequel Poltergeist II. he also designed iconic and controversial record sleeves such as; Debbie Harry's 'Koo Koo' and Emerson Lake & Palmer's 1973 album 'Brain Salad Surgery':

File:Debbie Harry - Koo Koo.jpg   

In his native Switzerland, he also created 'Giger Bars' who used his designs for their interiors:

But he is probably best known for his iconic design of the chest-bursting 'xenomorph' alien in the cult Alien film franchise. Giger received an Academy Award as part of the visual effects team for the film.

There are many fascinating facts/ legends around the Alien films, such as the story that when Giger and Dan O'Bannon (who wrote the Alien script) met for the first time, in a Paris hotel, Giger was smoking opium "For his visions" ! And that Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, tested for the part of the Alien in the suit! And that one of the scenes cut from Aliens III included an entire subplot involving the character Golic (Paul McGann) worshipping and then releasing a trapped xenomorph.

H R Giger was an artistic genius and will be sadly missed. This is a link to his official website:

You can also obtain some wonderful jewellery pieces with the design of Alien at:


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