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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Battle Scenario 'Capture/Destroy the Imperial shuttle'

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Mission Destroy/Capture the Imperial shuttle!

Above is a download of a mission scenario for you to try out for free for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Games. All you need is a Lambda Class Shuttle, the basic rules and a few ships per side. You can proxy models for those you do not have and increase the playing area or make other alterations as required. Feel free to add comments, suggested alterations and general discussions. We will be trialling it here at Creation Nation, maybe making alterations ourselves and may include a battle report.  

Setting the Scene:

The Rebels have to apply hit and run tactics when fighting the overwhelming power of the Galactic Empire, otherwise they would be crushed before they began. This scenario is one such example. With a small Rebel force hoping to disable or destroy an Imperial shuttle on route either carrying vital personnel Imperial officers or supplies. Trying to cause maximum disruption with their small Rebel force. 


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