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The Millennium Falcon (or YT-1300) X-wing Expansion pack Review

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It's been a while since the YT-1300 (better known as the Millennium Falcon) Expansion Pack came out for the X-wing miniatures game, so I thought it was about time I wrote a review for probably the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe. 

As with all the expansion packs, it comes with all the cards, dials, rule book etc... you will need to include this ship in your X-wing game. As well as possibly one of the coolest models you will ever see, it has fine details such as the radar dish, gun turrets, even dents and scrapes that were on the Falcon's hull. See below:

My only gripe on the detail, and its a very minor one, is the fact the engine was left as blank plastic. So I painted mine here is the result:

This was easily achieved by just adding a bit of blue paint and gradually adding white, then a small amount of gloss varnish to make it shiny.

So that's the look of the craft sorted (I pimped my ride).

So what's it like to play?

Well, it comes with a ton of options: from different pilot options such as a basic smuggler, to named hero's such as Han Solo, Lando and Chewbacca. There are also crew options that even allow you to take such characters as Luke Skywalker as a gunner making it even more deadly. I recently took the Falcon with Han Solo as pilot along with an X-wing with Wedge Antilles in a battle against 6 Empire vessels including a Tie Bomber that was armed to the teeth. Wedge Killed one Tie Fighter before being shot down. My Falcon literally flew circles around the opposition boosting out of firing arcs and being evasive and destroyed the remaining 5 Empire ships single-handedly only losing its' shields. I was honestly astounded at how well it had done as they were outnumbered 3-1

The fact that it has a 360 degrees firing arc (due to the turrets) means that it fired every turn and all I needed to do was concentrate on avoiding my opponents' firing arcs as best as I could and dodging asteroids 'Han Solo style'. Just picking priority targets such as the Tie Bomber that were most likely to cause me damage in the long run and wiping them out first. 

It can also be taken as a standard YT-1300 option. I have tried this. It's not as powerful, due to the turrets being one attack dice weaker but it can still get a shot off every turn. It can be a laser magnet for enemies but if you are taking it as a cheaper option (regular smuggler) then that's ideal as they will not be shooting at your named pilots in other crafts meaning they can be inflicting major damage on your enemy. Even with a lower pilot skill, the fact it has 360 degrees field of fire means it will still be shooting every turn regardless of positioning. 

There are so many cards with this set it is impossible for me to talk about every option, I usually give it a shield upgrade as standard though making it that bit stronger. 

Lastly, it is a good ship to have more than one of in your collection. I say this as it is easily the most customised ship I have seen in the range for X-wing Miniatures. Simply type in 'YT-1300 X-wing miniatures conversions' into Google (other good search engines are also available!) and see how many you can find. Some are simple paint job options. Others remove a turret or change the radar dish. I have seen many who have removed the cockpit and actually placed it either in the front centre or in the middle of the ship. The most amazing I found was where someone had actually put lights into the model to make the engine light up. I admire the creativity involved. 

So to sum up: Excellent model. It contains a lot of options open to it from both a gaming and modelling basis. Let's face it, we would all rather have been Han Solo than Luke Skywalker in the film anyhow. It also contains a scenario in the rulebook for you to try out....

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