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Star Wars X-Wing Battle Report with 250 points per faction

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Played a HUGE game (well biggest I have played to date) at my local club last night. 250 points a side. Two players on each side.

Rebels took Tycho in his A-Wing, a Y-Wing, an X-Wing as well as a B-Wing (all wings! LOL!). Rogue Squadron (Luke with R2, Wedge and Biggs) as well as Han Solo in the Falcon were taken by the other Rebel player.

My co-Empire player took 3 x Ties (one I believe was Dark Curse) as well as 2 x Interceptors one of which was Soontir Fell.

I took my trusty Lambda Shuttle, with heavy cannon, shield upgrade, engine boost (which I never used), anti-pursuit lasers (that never fired). One Tie Interceptor with added stealth device (which made him initially very hard to hit). Backstabber and 2 x basic Ties, as well as, for the first time, the renowned Boba Fett, with proximity mine, heavy cannon and shield upgrade.

How did things pan out? Well, my usual trusty Backstabber got shot down before he could get along the board edge and behind the enemy by an amazing piece of shooting (I believe by the basic X-Wing).

Retaliating, my Lambda and Ties took out the X-Wing. Soon after, we destroyed the Y-Wing (not sure who got the kill but believe that it was either the Lambda or Boba Fett firing backwards). I looped my forces around to fly down the engaged line of battle. Boba got pummelled by everyone, being made a priority target by all concerned including the Falcon that flew over to my side of the battle along with Wedge. The Rebel player felt Biggs and Luke could deal with my co-Empire players Ties. My co-Empire player however knocked seven shades of s*#t out of Biggs and also damaged Luke who used R2 to regain shields.

I managed to drop the proximity mine with Boba, reasoning he would not last another turn, as Wedge, Han and a B-Wing were all gunning for him. He promptly died. I was not impressed. No-one went into the mine at all.

On the flip side, my Lambda shot Luke down and killed him at range 3. My co-Empire player then, if I remember correctly, killed off Biggs. Wedge was then surrounded by 3 x Ties, boxed in by a proximity mine and managed to stop straight in front of my Lambda (evil grin). Everything shot him. I am not sure who got the kill. I do remember the Lambda got a critical hit the turn before he died that caused him to lose his special ability.

The rest of the game was quite cagey. The Falcon and A-Wing (Tycho) and B-Wing all gunned for the Shuttle. I knew I could not out-run them, so I parked it and sadly did not get any collisions with Rebel ships. It promptly got shot to pieces. The duel continued with the Falcon getting knocked down to 1 hull point, before the Tie (that could and would get the killing blow) shot him. Han shot first (ironic no?) and managed 4 hits. 1 evade meant the Tie died. It was the winning shot and end of the game. A fitting end to an excellent game.

Lessons learnt? If I take Boba everyone seems intent on killing him (not sure how to rectify this situation). Everyone underestimates the Lambda. It killed Luke in this game, possibly Wedge as well as an X-Wing. In previous games I have killed the YT-1300 as well as an HWK. Oh, and the Interceptor with a stealth device seems very frustrating to hit which keeps it alive to engage in dog fights, I may need to get more...

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