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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Battle Report From A Newbie 14/6/14

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Well, I decided to play a friendly game of X-Wing Miniatures over the weekend with Nicky. He plays quite a lot at his local club and I felt bad that I had only played with him 2-3 times over the last year or so (in fact, so infrequently that every time we DO play, he needs to sit me down and explain the rules again each time! Something he finds so much fun).

So, 2 hours later, after a pre-battle tutorial I was ready(ish) to take him down! Nicky was going to be the evil Empire, and I was the Rebel Alliance with Han Solo on my team (swoon!). I had no delusions of grandeur, I was going to lose. But I was going to lose with style and maybe come away from it having learnt something new and to offer a battle report blog aimed at other newbies with no jargon, and perhaps some helpful tips for those of you just starting out...

We had decided to play with 100 points, that is to say, I could only have ships and upgrades that totalled no more than 100 from the values on the bottom 

  right corner of the card (as you can see, choosing Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon was 46 points - quite a lot for just one ship which Nicky cautioned me against), but, I figured that she was a good ship as she fires 360° so didn't have to be facing the enemy to fire at it, and I could also re-roll my dice if I got a rubbish roll when attacking due to Han Solo's ability. Just so you know, the number in orange on the card (top left next to the name) is the Pilot Skill Value, the number in red underneath that is the Primary Weapon Value (the basic amount of dice you can roll to attack someone, unless you have any special upgrades, or if you are very close/ far away from them you get an extra attack or defence dice respectively), the number in green under that is the Agility Value (the basic amount of dice you can roll to defend your ship, unless you have any special upgrades, or if you are very close/ far away from them), the number in yellow is the Hull Value (how many times your ship can be hit before it's blown apart), and the number in blue is the Shield Value (eg: the Falcon has 5 shields, so can take 5 hits before the shields are down and would then take another 8 hits on the hull before she's dead).

Anyway, I ended up choosing Luke Skywalker in the X-Wing (28 points), Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon (46 points) and some dude called Horton Salm in the Y-Wing (25 points). This totalled 99 points with no weapons upgrades - eep! An all-star cast really ate up my points allocation. The good thing about Horton Salm was: if attacking at range 2-3, I could re-roll any blank dice results (no-one wants to be firing blanks). And the best thing about Luke was that, when defending, I could change one of my results to an Evade manoeuvre (which, in hind-sight did save his butt on a few occasions). With my 1 point left, I chose an upgrade for the Falcon which gave me an extra Evade as well. (Nicky advised I should take the Ion turret on the Y-wing but to do this I needed to change pilots, something I was not willing to do). 

Nicky chose: Boba Fett in Slave 1 (As he is a cool character that he has had zero luck with), a Tie Intercepter with no named pilot but with a stealth upgrade making it initially harder to hit, A Tie Fighter with 'Backstabber' pilot, and 2 x more Tie Fighters with basic pilots. He went for numbers over names as this was more fire power for him.

Once everything was chosen, we took it in turns to place our ships on the board:


I decided to place the Falcon between the X-Wing and Y-Wing (so they would protect him) and try to fly straight down the middle. Nicky decided to spread his ships out all along the edge, probably to encircle my ships! Asking Nicky after the battle he said he had put Backstabber on one board edge to get him behind my ships where his special skill comes into play, as well as the Tie Interceptor as its the fastest ship and could also get behind my ships easily. 

We have now started! The first stage is the Planning Phase, where you get to choose, using your manoeuvre dials, which direction and how far your ships will move during that turn (This is secret so don't show your opponent your move, or ask them 'is this ok?' as they pretend to give you advice on strategy whilst really plotting your downfall...). You will notice that some of the arrows on the dial are red - this means that it was a difficult manoeuvre for the ship, and as such you will receive a 'stress' token (limiting what you can do during the next phase). I would avoid any 'red manoeuvres' where possible, except if you have to get out of a tight jam and there is no option.

The next stage is the Activation Phase. Each ship gets a turn based on lowest pilot skill first (those orange numbers on the cards), and so, in turn, they show their manoeuvre dial, move their ship according to it (using one of those bendy templates shown above), and perform an 'action' if they wish from the Action Bar of their card (where there is a picture of an eye, or wiggly arrow, etc..). You can only use ONE of these actions per ship, per turn and if you choose to do so, you have to put that token onto your ships base, so that others know you are doing it.

The next stage is the Combat Phase where you can choose to target and shoot the s*#t out of each other, if within range, and within your firing arc... This time, you would take a turn based on highest pilot skill first (aww, let the little guys have a go first!), then the big playaz come out with their big guns and let 'em have it (that was my theory with my all-stars against nobodys...). You declare your target ship, roll your attack dice (and modify any if applicable), then the defender rolls his defence dice (and modifies any if applicable), see how much damage has been inflicted, then take any shields or issue damage cards accordingly... Then it all starts again from the Planning Phase.

OK, here's what happened:


Nicky, having chosen low pilot skilled ships, always went first. This is a good tactic as not only did it mean that he has more ships, but he also manages to plan before me who he will attack first, even though he actually shoots last... 

Nicky moved his 2x Tie Fighters (both pilot level 1) forward 2 spaces, he then moved forward his Tie Interceptor forward 3 spaces, next he moved his 'Backstabber' Tie Fighter forward 5 spaces. I went next as I had 2x ships with pilot skill level of 8 (the X-Wing and Y-Wing) so I moved them dead ahead 2 spaces (so as not to leave the Falcons side or fly into his flight path). Nicky went next with his Slave 1 which he moved 3 spaces forward but with a left curve. Finally I moved Han Solo forward 2 spaces. 

This first turn, we did not assign any actions as no-one was within range to hit anyone. This is how we looked:


I was being very cautious to start off with as I was still unsure of the rules (even for a basic game, there was a lot to remember). We were playing on a 3' x 3' mat, but at that moment, seeing 5 ships flying at me at full speed, from all angles, I did begin to wish it was the 6' x 3' mat, just to give me a few more turn of just flying around - why rush into battle, right?



Nicky moved one of his Tie's forward 4 spaces, and his action was to deploy an Evade token (so he could evade 1 hit if I were to roll and hit him). His 2nd Tie moved forward 5 spaces and used an Evade token. His Tie Interceptor moved forward 5 spaces and also had an Evade token deployed. 'Backstabber' moved forward 5 spaces and then 'barrel-rolled' one space to the left. I moved my Y-Wing forward 2 spaces (slightly to the left, 'curvy 2') and deployed my Evade token. I moved my X-Wing dead ahead 4 spaces and used Evade token for that too. Nicky then moved his Slave 1 forward 1 space which nearly crashed into his own Tie Fighter! (Mwah ha ha, Boba Fett is obviously pi**ed and will take out his own men, leaving victory open for me!) He also used his Evade token for Slave 1 (gonna need all the help you can get if that's the level of flying skill you have! Maybe you should attach some mattresses to the hull as well so as not to injure your other ships too badly, he he!). I finally moved my Falcon 3 spaces on a 'curvy left' and used an Evade token.

Things were now looking quite cosy:


Han Solo shot first (which settles that argument) as he was the highest skill level. He can shoot 360°, but I chose the closest thing to me (Tie Fighter at range 1) as I get an extra attack dice for being so close (on top of my usual 3 dice). I rolled 3 hits and an eye (which meant nothing as I used my Evade token rather than the Focus token which would have changed it to a 4th hit). Nicky rolled 3 defence dice and got 1 Evade, 1 blank and used his Evade token giving him another Evade, so, totalling 1 hit. This equated to 1 x damage to his ship (as Tie Fighters do not have shields - they are just fodder to the Empire!), which meant he could only take another 2 hits and that one would be dead!

My Y-Wing shot next at Backstabber as he was at range 2 and therefore able to re-roll any blank dice. I rolled one hit. Nicky rolled 3 defence dice and got 2 Evades, thus negating my hit and resulting in me hitting thin air!

My X-Wing shot next at the Tie Interceptor at range 2, so, I rolled 3 dice and got 3 x hits (2 Critical and one 'regular'). Nicky rolled 4 dice (he usually gets 3, but his ship was armed with a stealth device so got another dice), and he managed to roll 2x evades and used his evade token, thus missing all my hits!

Boba Fett then shot at the Falcon at range 2, and rolled 3 hits. I only had 1 defence dice: I rolled an evade, plus used my Evade token, leaving me with 1 hit, losing one shield.

Nicky's Tie Interceptor then shot at my X-Wing. He rolled 3 hits, I had 2x defence dice and only rolled 1 evade, so lost 2 x shields.

One of Nicky's Tie Fighters then shot at the Falcon with 3 dice, but I only had 1x defence dice. He rolled 3 hits! I rolled 1 evade so lost another 2 shields! This is not boding well!

Nicky's other Tie fighter shot at the Falcon at range 2 (meaning he only got 2x attack dice), and rolled 1 hit. I rolled my 1 defence dice and got 1 evade! Yay!

So, after the first round of shooting, I took a bit of a pummelling. Nicky ended up with one hit only on his ships, whereas I now have no shields on the X-Wing, and down to 2x shields on the Falcon (out of 5).



Nicky moved one of his Tie Fighters a 'curvy left' 2x spaces, narrowly scraping past the window of my Falcon, and used his Evade token. He moved his 2nd Tie Fighter forward 3 spaces and performed a 'Koiogran Turn' which rotated his ship 180° so he ended up facing back on himself, which was a 'red movement' and left him stressed and unable to perform an action (he would not get rid of this stress token until he next performed a 'green manoeuvre'. Next move was Nicky's Tie Interceptor which moved a 'hard right' 3 spaces and ended up nearly rear-ending Han Solo! With this he played an Evade token. Backstabber came next with a 'hard left' move of 2 spaces and also used an Evade token. I then moved my Y-Wing (Horton Salm) forward (straight ahead) 1 space - which left me in the unfortunate predicament of not having anything in my firing arc but being within range of nearly ALL of Nicky's ships. My next ship to move was the X-Wing (Luke) who moved forward 4 spaces and performed 180° turn, so he also had a stress token. Nicky then moved Slave 1 forward straight ahead 1 space (close enough to wash the windscreen of the Falcon, but not quite touching) and used an Evade token. The last ship to move was my Falcon who was going to move a 'hard right' 1 space, but, as Fett was at my nose and I could only move until I collided with him, I only ended up moving about 3mm. This meant that we couldn't shoot each other, and I couldn't assign an action to the Falcon (nice one, Fett!). At this point, Nicky wanted to add a bit to the blog and say "ha, ha lads, we've got him boxed in tighter than a turtle's pecker" (so uncouth).

Shooting phase was next and Han Solo went first. Shooting at Boba Fett was out of the question, so, I decided to keep shooting at the Tie that I had already inflicted some damage to. I got to roll 4 dice as we were so close, and managed to roll 2x hits. Now, I can re-roll if I wish but have to roll all the dice, so had to decide if I could do better than that. Nicky got 3 defence dice, and so, if he were to roll no evades I would have killed him, but, if he rolled just 1x evade, the Tie would live to see another day.... I decided to re-roll... and got 3x hits, 2 of which were 'critical' (this would mean that he would get 2x damage cards but have to read the text on the underside of the card, and it would stay in play as his ship has some ongoing effects - such as a fire in the cockpit, or Porkins has run out of KFC...). Nicky rolled his measly 3 defence dice and got 2x evades which left him with 1 critical hit! (a damaged engine, which meant he had to treat all turn manoeuvres as if they were 'red manoeuvres'). This was a good result but the scum was still left flying (shaking my fist at you, scum!). Luke was next in the X-Wing: he decided to shoot at the Tie Interceptor at a range of 2. I rolled my normal 3 attack dice, and got 1x hit. Nicky got 4 defence ('cos of his stupid stealth device) and rolled 4x evades - boo - nothing happened. My Y-Wing couldn't shoot anything as he was facing the wrong way, and Slave 1 could not shoot at anything either. Backstabber in the Tie Fighter decided to shoot at the Y-Wing with 4 dice - 2x normal dice, 1x extra dice as was at range 1, and another extra dice for shooting at a ship who he is outside the firing arc of! (it turns out this is a special ability of Backstabber's, not 'just because he is awesome' as Nicky said). Luckily for me, Nicky only rolled 1x hit. I only get 1 defence dice (with a focus token in play) but l managed to roll an evade! Phew! Next, Nicky's Tie Fighter shot at the Millennium Falcon and only rolled 1x hit. Unfortunately, I rolled a blank so lost another shield. Tie Interceptor shot at the Millennium Falcon's rear end (why does everyone have it in for Han? I think it's just jealousy 'cos he has a big ship!) and rolled 1x hit. I rolled my defence dice and got an evade! Double-phew!



This round I decided to flee re-group, grab a latte and think more about strategy. I also heard Nicky cursing the fact that, in order to box in the Falcon, he had left all his ships facing each other and would probably have to do (more) bumper-car manoeuvres in order to split them up again. This was good news for me as he would not be able to do any actions if he crashed into something. Once Nicky had sat and pondered how to move all his ships out of the technically-termed "cluster-f**k" position (twenty minutes later), he decided to move his first Tie Fighter straight forward 5 spaces (and lost his stress token as it was a 'white manoeuvre). He then moved his other Tie Fighter 'hard right' 1 space, and managed to knock over my Millennium Falcon with his big man-hands (although he said it was the 'hand of God'... hmm...) and played his evade token (bit late for that, pal!). Next he moved Backstabber and rammed straight through me to get to the other side! Apparently this is OK as his move didn't 'end' on someone! What?! That was definitely a hit and run and I should have got compensation or something for being involved in a space accident (where there's blame, there's a claim), but, being the evil Empire (probably without insurance) this claim was kicked out - b**tards! Next to do what he likes was the Tie Interceptor. I can't remember where he moved to (I was probably covering my eyes watching the shocking driving), but thank god, next was me moving my ships outta there! I moved my Y-Wing a 'curvy right' 3 spaces (skilfully avoiding the asteroid) and used the focus token. I then moved the X-Wing a 'curvy right' 3 spaces but couldn't perform an action as I still had my stress token. Boba Fett moved straight forward 1 space and (surprise) smashed into the Falcon, meaning he couldn't do an action either. Next I moved my Falcon straight forward 4 spaces (with the 'hand of God' accidentally slapping Slave 1 on the way past) and used a focus token, which opened the board up a little bit:

Han Solo shot at the damaged Tie Fighter again and used 4x dice as was within range 1, I rolled 2x hits but decided to re-roll, and managed to roll... 1x hit! Bit rubbish, but, I used my focus token and changed the result to 3x hits. Nicky rolled 3x defence dice and got 2x evades, and then used his evade token to make 3x evades! Noooo! Why won't he die! Luke's turn next in the X-Wing and he decided to shoot at the Tie Interceptor. He only managed 2x hits and Nicky rolled 2x evades, so nothing there. My Y-Wing was still facing the wrong way and unable to hit anything so he sat that one out. Boba Fett then shot at Luke in the X-Wing but only rolled 1x hit. I rolled 2x defence dice and luckily got an evade! Backstabber then decided to shoot at Luke and rolled 2x hits, I rolled 2x defence dice but only managed 1x evade leaving Luke with another hit! I now have 1x damage as I have no more shields left (apparently taking R2-D2 would have helped me with this, D'oh!) and can only afford 2 more hits before Luke corks it! Next, the Tie Interceptor decided to shoot at the Y-Wing (through an asteroid apparently), now, as this was at range 3 and through an asteroid, I got 2x extra defence dice, giving me 3 in total; Nicky rolled 2x hits (1 critical). I rolled 2x blanks and an 'eye' which meant I could use my focus token, so changed it to an evade, meaning I only got hit once so lost 1x shield.



Nicky moved his first Tie Fighter straight forward 3 spaces and performed a 'K-Turn' (turned 180°), so got a stress token. His 2nd Tie Fighter moved 'hard left' 3 spaces and used his evade token. His Tie Interceptor moved 'hard right' 2 spaces and smashed into Boba Fett in the Slave 1! Ooh! No actions for you young man! Next was Nicky's Backstabber performed a 180° move at 4 spaces. My Y-Wing moved next: 'curvy right' 2 spaces, and used his focus token. My X-Wing moved 'curvy left' 1 space (and lost the stress token as this was a 'green manoeuvre) and used his focus token. Boba Fett decided to reverse over the Tie Interceptor and fly into my X-Wing, meaning he could not perform an action and has nearly enough points to lose his pilots' licence! The Falcon moved 'curvy-left' 1 space (as was running out of board and if any part of you moves off the board, it is classed as fleeing the battle and that ship is out), and used the evade token.

The only memorable part about the Combat Phase was that my Millennium Falcon managed to blow the damaged Tie Fighter out of the sky! It was a little overkill as he rolled 3x hits and the Tie Fighter rolled nothing, but hey, I wanted to make sure the little guy was definitely dead! Nothing else happened of major note, Falcon probably took a few more hits but to be honest I cannot recall, maybe the Y-Wing also got hit (2 hits I think) (as I was too busy celebrating my first kill). First blood to the Falcon!



Nicky started with his Tie Fighter a 'curvy-left' 2 spaces and assigned an evade token. The Backstabber moved next - straight into my X-Wing! This was followed by the Tie Interceptor who moved forward straight ahead 2 spaces and was assigned an evade token. My Y-Wing then moved a 'curvy left' 1 space - straight into the path of the Tie Interceptor - and was assigned a focus token. Next was Luke in the X-Wing who decided to leg it out of the Boba Fett-Tie sandwich that was happening and moved forward 4 spaces, and used a focus token (in case anyone shot at his as he was not facing anyone to shoot at them!). Boba Fett moved slightly away from the battle (not hitting anyone this time) and assigned his evade token. And the Millennium Falcon moved 'hard left' of 1 space (skilfully staying within the board still) and used his evade token. 


Han Solo decided to try and kill off the next Tie Fighter. I rolled 1x hit, so decided to use my re-roll special ability (as that was pants), and managed to roll.... 1x hit again! Nicky rolled and easy evade and avoided being hit. My X-Wing couldn't shoot anyone as Luke was in mid-flight of retreat. Boba Fett decided to shot Luke in the back (firing backwards, something his ship can do) at range 3, (meaning I get an extra defence dice), and he got 2x hits (1 critical). Luke rolled 1x evade and an 'eye' to which I used my focus token and negated the other hit. My Y-Wing shot at Nicky's number 2 Tie Fighter at range 1 (so I got 3 attack dice) and rolled 3x blanks! Nicky's Tie Interceptor shot at the Y-Wing with 4 attack dice and managed 3x hits, I only had 1 defence dice and rolled nothing so lost my Y-Wing!! Dammit! And finally, the Tie Fighter shot at the Falcon with 2 dice but luckily was firing blanks, meaning I did not have to roll my measly 1x defence dice.  So now I am down to 2x ships against Nicky's remaining 4.



Right, new plan, keep running away. Sod pride, sod the Rebellion, sod this for a game of soldiers. Maybe my best plan is to keep flying away until the baddies run out of fuel or bullets... Think I will cross my fingers and cry 'Fainites' (that is a real thing - look it up). So, Nicky moved his Tie Fighter a 'curvy left' 3 spaces and managed to smash into the side of the Falcon. Then, Backstabber flew a 'curvy left' 2 spaces and stopped just in front of an asteroid (honestly, I think all of this pilots should have gone to Specsavers), Then the Tie Interceptor moved a 'curvy left' 2 spaces to alongside the Tie Fighter and used his evade token. Bobe Fett decided to push in before his actual turn and move (typical bounty hunter scum) a 'curvy left' 2 spaces and used a focus token. My X-Wing then moved a 'curvy right' 3 spaces and used his focus token (hopefully he will be out of harms way hidden behind an asteroid). Finally, the Falcon decided to move full ahead 4 spaces and try to get the hell out of Dodge and used his evade token.

Han Solo decided to shoot at the Tie Fighter with 3 attack dice and managed 2x hits, in defence Nicky rolled nothing so took 2x hits! Woo-hoo (don't get cocky). Luke in the X-Wing could not fire at anything. Boba Fett was luckily out of range and couldn't hit any of my ships. The Tie Fighter took a futile pot-shot at the Falcon and rolled 1x hit, but Han rolled an evade and lived to see another day! Then the Tie Interceptor shot at poor Han with 3x dice and got 2x hits! I only had 1 dice and rolled 1 evade so lost my final shield! It's now all down to my hull points, of which I have 8 so can only take 8 more hits. 



Nicky moved his Tie Fighter full ahead 3 spaces, just missing slamming into the back of the Millennium Falcon! Then, his Tie Interceptor flew into his Tie Fighter (how are they still standing? In the film they hit something and just explode!). Next, Backstabber moved a 'curvy left' 2 spaces to try and get at Luke. Boba Fett then moved forward a few spaces and used his focus token. My X-Wing moved a 'hard right' 2 spaces as he would not have been able to go left without flying off the board, and used his focus token. Finally, in order to keep Han from flying off the board, he had to move 1 space hard left, and used his evade token.

Han shot at the Tie Fighter at range 1 (with 4 attack dice) and rolled 2x hits. I decided that Han could do better than that so rolled again and managed 3x hits. Nicky rolled 3x defence dice and managed 2 evades but it wasn't enough to save him and he died! Huzzah! (action shot below) Next, Luke shot at the Tie Interceptor with 3x attack dice and managed 2x hits (I will keep my focus token for defence). Nicky rolled 4x defence dice and rolled 1x evade and used his evade token to totally miss being hit at all - not fair! Boba Fett attacked my Falcon but as I was at range 3, I did get an extra defence dice: Nicky rolled 2x hits, and I rolled 1x evade so I took a hit in my hull (this is starting to hurt now). Backstabber then shot at the Falcon and managed 1x hit as I rolled a blank so couldn't deflect it - another hull damage! (only 6 left now!). The Tie Interceptor then shot at Luke and got 1x hit, but Luke managed to barrel-roll out of the way and avoid it - go Luke! I did take a pummelling that round but at least I killed another pesky Tie Fighter, see him spinning wildly out of control before exploding into a million little fragments:



OK, we are now 3 against 2. The odds of winning are against us (but don't tell Han the odds, right!), but we are a plucky bunch and will try and run away or shoot back if we are cornered until the end. Backstabber moves first now: a 'hard left' 1 space and deployed the evade token. The Tie Interceptor moves next: forward 1 space to next to Backstabber and also plays his evade token. Boba Fett moves forward 2 spaces and deploys his focus token. Next up, we have Luke in the X-Wing who moves forward 4 spaces and ends up right in Boba's grille! (he decides to use his focus token - in case he couldn't see the big scary Slave 1 right there!). Lastly, the Falcon moves forward 4 spaces (still desperately trying to run away) and uses his evade token.


Han shoots at Backstabber with 4 dice (as is at range 1) and manages 3x hits. Backstabber rolls 3 defence dice and gets 3x evades, nnngh! Luke then shoots at Boba Fett with 4 attack dice (again, as is at range 1) and manages 3x hits. Boba rolls 2x defence dice and ends up with 2 evade meaning he loses 1x shield (the first hit he has taken in the game so far). Boba then retaliates and shoots back at Luke and manages 2x hits - but Luke throws his 2x defence dice and gets... 2x evades! Still alive! Hang on in there Luke. Backstabber then decides to shoot at the Falcon with 4 attack dice, and rolls 1x hit (incidentally by rolling the dice into my ship, tsk!), Han then rolls an evade and rolls out of the way - yay! Tie Interceptor then shoots at the Falcon and manages 2x hits, but Han skillfully rolls an evade and uses his evade token and moves out the way while flipping the bird at the Interceptor...



Backstabber moves 'hard left' 3 spaces, and uses the evade token. Tie Interceptor goes next and obviously flies straight into the back of the Falcon... Boba Fett moves next, running over Luke, moving forward a 'curvy left' 3 spaces and using his focus token. Luke then moves a 'hard right' 3 spaces (nursing his whiplash) and uses his focus token. Lastly, Han Solo moves forward a 'curvy left' 3 spaces and uses his evade token. 

Han decides to use 4x attack dice to hopefully dislodge Backstabber from his butt and manages 3x hits (1 critical). Backstabber manages to evade 2 of the hits but takes 1 critical hit (which reads as: 'Console Fire'. At the start of each combat phase, roll 1 attack dice and if it's a hit, he will suffer 1x damage - ha! Gutted!). The X-Wing cannot fire at anyone. Boba Fett shoots at Luke and rolls 3x hits, Luke manages to evade 2 of them but still takes 1 hit and is blown to smithereens! Sorry Luke! Next, the Tie Interceptor fires at Han Solo and rolls 2x hits, but Han manages to roll 2x evades and misses both. Next up, Backstabber fires at Han and rolls 2x hits, and Han is unable to evade any of them so takes both hits - one of which is critical (which reads as: 'Blinded Pilot': next time you attack, do not roll any attack dice) which is very pants indeed. Here is an action shot of poor Luke after being taken out by nasty Boba:



Backstabber moves 'curvy left' 2 spaces and barrel-rolls to the right 1 space. Next, the Tie Interceptor moves 'curvy left' 3 spaces and uses his focus token. Boba Fett then moves 'hard left' 3 spaces. Lastly, poor Han moves full ahead 4 spaces and uses the evade token. We now have what resembles a conga line:

First thing to do this attack phase is for Backstabber to get his 'Console Fire' under control. He rolls a dice which is a hit! He sustains 1x damage, which means he only has 1 damage left before he is killed. Unfortunately, because Han is now a blinded pilot (much like the Empire pilots throughout most of this game) he is unable to shoot at anyone this round so is basically a sitting duck (that's 'sitting' with a silent 'h'). Backstabber shoots first, at range 1 with 4x attack dice and manages 2x hits. Han rolls 1x evade so takes 1 more hit to the Falcon (he can now only take 4 more hits). The Tie Interceptor has another shot at Han and rolls 1x hit, but Han luckily rolls 1x avoid! Even more luck: Boba Fett is out of range so cannot hit Han.



Backstabber has moved ahead 1 space and uses his evade token. The Tie Interceptor moved ahead 'curvy left' 3 spaces and uses his focus token. Boba moves ahead 2 spaces and is going to use a target lock token on the Falcon (first time it has been used in this game, and I still do not know what it does!). Finally the Falcon moves 'hard left' 2 spaces (and deploys an evade token), just to make sure he is in everyone's firing line as Han does not want to run the risk of anyone not being able to hit him, thus ensuring he is totally boxed in for this, potentially, final round.

Han decides he is going to shoot at Backstabber with 4 attack dice, and manages to roll 4x blanks! He wisely decides to roll again and manages... 1x hit. Backstabber decides to not bother rolling any defence dice as he has an evade token to use and swats away the hit like it was nothing. Backstabber then decides to shoot back at the Falcon and he rolls 1x hit, but Han uses his evade and he also swats away the shot like it was a mere irritant. The Tie Interceptor then wants to have a go, but whilst the range ruler is being utilised to see how close they are, he too gets swatted nearly off the board! (Divine intervention? That pesky 'hand of God' again?), so, whilst the Interceptor licks his wounds, Slave 1 swoops in to have a go and rolls 1x hit, but then uses his target lock which apparently grants him a free roll and then somehow gets 3x hits (say what?) and I (sorry, Han) is only able to roll 1 avoid so sustains 2x more hits. I now only have 2 hull hits left before I am dead. Just when we think the turn is over, the Tie Interceptor comes back in to have an attack as well (what is going on? People are shooting out of their order, and I thought he'd gone off the board meaning 'fled the battle'..? Reading back through it all again, this is seeming suspicious...). He rolls 3x hits. Han rolls 1x evade but still ends up with 2x hits and is promptly dead.

RIP Han - you fought valiantly.

Well, that was the game. I think I did well to last 12 rounds with just 3 ships against 5, and against a seasoned playa.

Lessons learned? Next time I might go for lesser known ships so I get more bang for my buck. And I would like to play as a baddie as then I could have a go on the Tie Interceptor with all his special abilities and upgrades. If I had to play as the Rebels though, I would use the Millennium Falcon as it is a very strong ship and can withstand a lot of damage, and can fire 360° so does not have to worry about cissy firing arcs. I feel that I should also read up on battle strategy and tactics as I did not know exactly what I was doing (still not 100% on it all if I'm honest) and a game that should have lasted an hour or so ended up going on for 3 hours as Nicky had to keep going over the rules for me, but, I guess practice makes perfect so maybe I should get straight back on that horse...

Hopefully my little blog about the game has made some sense to you if you are just starting out, or perhaps brought a little mirth to those of you more experienced players who think it's funny to mock the inexperience of a newbie! You wait though, I may just be the Apprentice right now, but we all know what happens with Apprentices don't we? They become more powerful than the Master! Mwah ha ha! Well... apart from Darth Maul... and maybe Count Dooku... Darth Vader didn't last too long after Palpatine either... oh, and then there's Asajj Ventress.... Don't lose too much sleep just yet then...


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