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Corran Horn from E-Wing Expansion Pack - 100 Point Build

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Corran Horn - Star Wars E Wing Expansion Pack

So I flew something different last night. Broke out my Rebels again. Fought the temptation to take turrets (which, lets face it, the Rebels have in abundance). So I cracked open Corran Horn from the Star Wars E Wing Expansion Pack with the following build:

Corran Horn
Push the Limits
Sensor Jammers
Engine upgrade

My thoughts on this build for him is: with PTL he can boost and barrel roll making him nasty at dodging fire arcs. Sensor Jammer is a must for me on any build that can take it. And R5-P9 which can repair shields for a focus token at the end of the turn. I figured that he would usually have one unless I spent it doing a double tap with Corran's special shooting ability.

Also, I took R5-P9 (from the Star Wars Rebel Transport Expansion pack) knowing I was taking:

Garvin Dreis (from the Star Wars X-Wing Expansion pack)
Ion Torps
Shield upgrade

My thoughts again being: R2-D2 can keep him alive repairing shields. Garvin's ability allows him to, once spending a focus token, give it to someone else in range 1-2. So he then gives it to Corran who can use it to shoot or repair. This makes him brilliant at shooting in his double tap, or able to repair (in hindsight, ion torps would have been better on Corran as I want to primarily focus with Garvin, and not target lock).

Lastly, with 12pts I took a Bandit squadron pilot in Z95 Headhunter.

The game was a friendly 100 point build, 3-way game.

One of my opponents was playing Imperials, taking a Decimator with Oicunn, kitted out with two Crimson Guard TIE Interceptors with Auto Thrusters.

The other player took Scum: Boba Fett, a kitted-out Y-Wing and N'dru Suhlak in his Headhunter with missiles and lone wolf.

The battle in brief:

We all faced off. The TIE Interceptors weaved through the asteroids towards me, I'd turned to initially engage the Scum. The Decimator went towards the Scum. The Scum also split the Z-95 having delusions of grandeur taking on the huge Deci whilst Slave 1 and the Y-wing also came towards me.

I turned my force to take on the TIEs, firing. I damaged the lead one with Corran. Then hit them both with the Ion torps making their movement more predictable.

The Headhunter shot at the Decimator, causing some damage but was popped in short order.

I was left with a predicament. All 3 fighters of mine were aimed between a gap in the asteroids that would only fit 2. Corran had double tapped the TIE Interceptor. So I K-turned (looped him) at movement 5, range and the asteroids providing him cover. Likewise, Garvin followed him in.The TIE Interceptors were now coming from my left, Slave 1 and the Y-wing the right. The Z-95 could not fit in with the other 2 fighters so reluctantly I turned him towards the Y-wing.

Everything opened up on the Z-95 pilot and he was dead.

The interceptors then moved towards Slave-1 and the Y-wing, not wanting to turn and engage me in the asteroid field as it would leave them in-between both forces. Heavily damaged, they aimed to take on the Scum and do some damage. (See pic).

 Corran Horn - E-Wing Expansion Pack

They opened up on the Y-wing as did I, preferring to damage an unhurt target, and get revenge for my Z-95. The Y-wing was damaged and left on 1 hull. They then fired back and popped the most heavily damaged TIE. Meanwhile, the Deci struggled to get back in the game.

If I kept going straight, Slave-1 could really hurt Corran or Garvin. So I went full ahead with both. As it turns out, the Y-wing K-turned. Garvin ended up pointing at his flank at range 1, I boosted and barrel rolled with Corran as he was slap bang in the middle of the Y-wings fire arc (they were now sadly out of 1-2 range so Garvins ability was redundant). The Slave moved forward and boosted to bring Garvin into a close proximity target.

Shooting saw the Y-wing disappear. Garvin lost a shield to Slave-1.

The next few turns saw my linking Garvin and Corran up again. Shooting at Slave 1 and the Deci. The Deci and Slave 1 shot at each other for a few rounds. It was a war of slow attrition at this point. Corran shot forward 5 and killed the Interceptor at range 1. My wanting to keep the crippled Slave 1 in the game for longer as it was trading shots with the Deci and visa versa. Garvin took a nasty hammering when he got caught up in the middle dropping to 1 hull. Some lucky manoeuvring saw him avoid collisions and shield back up thanks to R2-D2, finishing with 3 shields and 1 hull. The Deci eventually, with the help of Corran, finished Slave 1 off. This just left the Deci. Corran double tapped it causing 5 more damage. It then hit an asteroid taking more damage. Garvin then swung round and finished him off with some overkill...

It was a win. I was amazed by how well Corran did in the game. Garvins ability could have helped a lot. Although he never took damage so did not use it. I think in theory it is a solid idea. It was a fun friendly game against 2 opponents who were a laugh. Garvin did well to hang on. it was more fun playing jouster ships than turrets, it would be great to see more people do this and also bring back the X-wing.

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