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Legendary Encounters Alien Deck Building Game

Legendary Encounters Alien Deck Building Game

£45.00 £49.99

1-5 players. 

Play time: 30-60 minutes

Ages 17+ due to graphic content

Legendary Encounters an Alien Deck Building Game is a cooperative game set in the Alien Universe. Players will take on the roles of a Commander, Gunner, Synthetic or any of the ten role character cards whilst recruiting powerful allies like, Ripley, Hicks, or Christie the mercenary. Legendary Encounters will take players on a terrifying journey through all 4 of the feature films: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection as they work together to complete challenging miss objectives., scan rooms, attack xenomorphs, avoid face huggers and try to avoid the ultimate death, becoming the victim of a ravenous Chestbuster. If a player dies through a Chestbuster they will later take on the roll of an Alien and work against the other players to try and stop them completing their mission. 

Work together or die trying.....

Contents include:

600 playable cards

Redesigned Legendary game engine (mechanics)

All original art. 

Huge 14.5" X 33" Rubber play mat


Divider cards.


:We will be posting up a review of this excellent game soon, so check our blog posts for more information. 

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