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Beware of Zombies Tin Sign

Beware of Zombies Tin Sign



This cool looking zombie sign is great. Zombies are very in fashion at the moment with recent movies such as World War Z as well as The Walking Dead TV series and the many Resident Evil games/movies.

This Beware of Zombies tin sign is sturdy and has been painted to appear worn as if it has been up a while or belongs in a post-apocalyptic scene. It would look great on any wall and make a good gift to the zombie enthusiast. It has 4 small holes in the corners to allow you to attach it to the wall with either nails or thumb tacks. The size of each sign is 12" x 8" (30.5cm x 20.5cm).

Buy it now at this bargain price. It’s only fair to warn people about your zombies after all...

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