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Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack

Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack

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"What about that ship?"
"That one's garbage!"
–Finn and Rey, The Force Awakens

It may be old, but it is most certainly not garbage… The Millennium Falcon is about as iconic as your Star Wars ships get. It is also one of the two ships featured in the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack for X-Wing.

Like all the other "aces" expansions for X-Wing, Heroes of the Resistance revisits one or more of the ships already in the game—two, in this case—and updates them with new miniatures, ship cards, and upgrades. The result is an expansion that feels deeply rooted within the game's core, but that pushes its ships into fantastic new territory. Accordingly, with Heroes of the Resistance, we find new miniatures and options for the Millennium Falcon and T-70 X-wing that guarantee they will soon find their way into some of the most creative, most competitive, and best-looking squads soon to hit tables everywhere!

The Millennium Falcon is arguably the most iconic starship in the Star Wars galaxy.

That said, the ship has changed. Most notably, Lando Calrissian snapped off the ship's circular sensor array during his attack run on the second Death Star, and the Falcon was subsequently outfitted with a rectangular sensor array. More importantly, it found a talented new pilot.




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