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Sails of Glory - HMS Victory

HMS Victory - Sails of Glory Expansion Pack by Ares Games

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HMS Victory - Sails of Glory Expansion Pack (SGN201A)

In Sails of Glory you will sail and fight with massive ships-of-the-line or swift frigates, in an age where the armies and fleets of the French Emperor Napoleon I battled across the seas, as well as on the fields of Europe, and the powerful Royal Navy of the British Empire clashed against the French from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, in dramatic naval battles, such as Trafalgar and the Battle of the Nile.

Two of the most famous ships of Napoleonic Wars, which have been eagerly awaited by Sails of Glory players, have arrived in the Special Ships Packs: the British HMS Victory 1765 (1805) and the US USS Constitution 1797 (1812).

The HMS Victory was the Three-Deck First Rate 100-gun Flagship for Lord Nelson at Trafalgar in 1805.

The HMS Victory Special Ship Pack presents game data of two different versions of the ship. HMS Victory (1805) represents HMS Victory with her armament as Lord Nelson’s flagship at The Battle of Trafalgar. HMS Victory (1783) shows the ship when she was Richard Howe’s flagship in a powerful escort flotilla for a convoy of transports which resupplied Gibraltar in the face of a blockade by the French and Spanish navies.

The manoeuvre deck of HMS Victory is similar to that of other three-deck English first rates – these impressive vessels are true “sailing strongholds” and manoeuvrability is not their main strength! HMS Victory, however, to reflect her ‘quasi-mythical’ status, has slightly better capabilities than her less famous ‘sisters,’ making her stand out in battle, as she deserves!

In addition to the usual complement of accessories included in all Sails of Glory Ship Packs – base, card and log, and a specific deck of manoeuvre cards – this special pack also includes two sets of Captain Cards, to represent the specific and unique skills of Horatio Nelson, famous for the bravery and physical courage, and Richard Howe, for his strategic mind.

Fast playing and easy-to-learn, Sails of Glory uses pre-painted and assembled ship miniatures and an innovative movement mechanic, inspired by the acclaimed system used in Ares Games' Wings of Glory game.

This Sails of Glory Ship Pack is a ready to play model, painted and assembled, compatible with any other Sails of Glory - Napoleonic Wars game product.

Box Contains

  • One 1/1000 scale model ship
  • Special base with game stats
  • 1 x Ship Card
  • 1 x ship log
  • Special deck of manoeuvre cards and ability cards, including Captain Cards for Richard Howe and Horatio Nelson

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete game. You will need the Sails of Glory Starter Set to play. You can download the free Sails of Glory rules at

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