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Sails of Glory Additional Ship Mats Pack by Ares Games

Sails of Glory Additional Ship Mats Pack by Ares Games


Sails of Glory Additional Ship Mats Pack - SGN505A

In Sails of Glory you will sail and fight with massive ships-of-the-line or swift frigates, in an age where the armies and fleets of the French Emperor Napoleon I battled across the seas, as well as on the fields of Europe, and the powerful Royal Navy of the British Empire clashed against the French from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, in dramatic naval battles, such as Trafalgar and the Battle of the Nile.

Fast playing and easy-to-learn, Sails of Glory uses pre-painted and assembled ship miniatures and an innovative movement mechanic, inspired by the acclaimed system used in Ares Games' Wings of Glory game.

Sails of Glory – Additional Ship Mats is an expansion for Sails of Glory®.

Play large Sails of Glory battles with the Additional Ship Mats expansion set! This set includes 4 ship mats and sets of action counters to handle multiple ships in a battle. In Sails of Glory, each ship is handled through a ship mat - a specially designed game board in high-quality cardboard, with linen-finish and die-cut. Together with the ship log included with each ship model, the ship mat enables a player to handle the actions of that ship, and to keep track about everything that happens to the vessel, from special damage, to the settings of the sails. Additional ship mats are optional when playing larger battles with Basic or Standard Rules, and required when playing with Advanced Rules.

The ship mats included with this accessory are similar to those included in the Sails of Glory Starter Set. Ship Packs with miniatures and ship logs are sold separately. The Sails of Glory Additional Ship Mats are an accessory, designed to be used with the tactical ship-to -ship game system created by Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini.

Pack Contains

  • 4 x Ship Mats and Action Counter Sets

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete game. You will need the Sails of Glory Starter Set to play. You can download the free Sails of Glory rules at

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