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Star Wars Boba Fett Chest Armour Crest Logo Iron-On Patch

Star Wars Boba Fett Chest Armour Crest Logo Iron-On Patch


Star Wars Boba Fett Chest Armour Crest Logo Iron-On Patch

Show your status as a proud Mandalorian warrior with this beautifully embroidered Iron-On patch.

Measuring 6.3cm, this badge (shown on Boba's right breast on his chest armour) shows the Fett family crest and has the following components: a cursive 'F' symbol, a stalk of wheat and a blood droplet. These symbols represent the following:

  • Cursive 'F' Symbol - this is the Mandalorian letter Roh which stands for fidelity and means loyalty to the cause
  • Stalk of wheat - this has several parts to it: the name Fett apparently comes from the Mando'a word 'vhett' which means farmer, so the overall wheat symbol shows Fett's ability to live off the land. The end of the stalk shows the end of a spear: this represents the Supercommando code (the Mandalorian Soldier's Code). And the 5x crescent shapes along the stalk represent each of the Mandalorian Territories: Mandalore, Gargan, Ordo, Shogun and Concord Dawn
  • Blood Droplet - this single droplet of blood represents the Mandalorian warrior's willingness to lose every drop of blood to fulfil their mission and keep their honour intact.

This patch may symbolise some or all of your own family values (or those of a friend) and so would make a wonderful gift for someone or an awesome item for your own collection!


Instructions For Iron On:

  1. Place patch directly on to desired area of material
  2. Cover the patch with a thin cloth, and then place iron on top of cloth. Avoid using Iron directly on the patch to protect it
  3. Keep the iron on for around 40-60 seconds at a temperature of approx 120-150 degrees (depending on thickness cloth)
  4. Take off iron, wait for the material to cool down completely. If patch has not adhered perfectly, repeat action 3&4

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