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Star Wars X-Wing Imperial Veterans Expansion pack

Star Wars X-Wing Imperial Veterans Expansion pack

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The most infamous Imperial pilots burn the skies in crafts of fearsome design. The white-striped TIE bomber flown by the elite Gamma Squadron possess enhanced manoeuvrability to nimbly strike capital ships with ease. Glaive Squadron's Crimson TIE defenders rend their targets with a flurry of endless cannon fire.

This pack contains everything you need to add 1 TIE defender and 1 Tie bomber to your game.


  • 1 Rulesheet
  • 24 Cards
  • 26 Tokens
  • 2 Manoeuvre Dials
  • 2 Painted ships with pegs and bases. 

Note this is not a complete game and you will need the core rules, movement tokens and damage deck found in the main game. 

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