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The Showman And The Shade

The Showman And The Shade


Check out this awesome new book by Nicky P Gardiner. It is called 'The Showman And The Shade' and is currently available on Amazon.


Here is the official description:-

"Jack Wrightman was desperate for the success that had alluded him his entire life. This was until he stumbled upon an ancient book granting him power over the dead. Using dark magic he binds an unwitting soul to his will. His goal: to use the enslaved spirit to act as an intermediary in talking to the deceased, and to become a world-renowned spiritualist medium (and filthy rich to boot).
What Jack doesn't count on is the unwillingness of his new-found assistant..."


This is compatible on the Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad and any other devices that you can download from Amazon to...


It is available worldwide exclusively on Amazon, check it out here:


It is the first book in a series entitled 'Deadly Shades' - please be sure to read it and leave feedback - the sequel is on its' way...!

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